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Front-End Web Developer
There is no such thing as a perfect web developer, and I don't believe there is only one greatest web developer either. Everyone develop in different eras. I built my talents on the shoulders of someone else's talent. MJ>edited by ClarkF!

graydirt aims to showcase my previous and current works as a developer.


  • Title: Kaplan USA
  • Service: Front-End Web Development
  • Title: Mystore
  • Service: Front-End Web Development
  • Title: Sport Gate
  • Service: Front-End Web Development
  • Title: Paradise Hotel
  • Service: Front-End Web Development
  • Title: Game-On
  • Service: Front-End Web Development
  • Title: Arbeidslys
  • Service: Front-End Web Development


Years... in Web Development industry may not sound like a very long span of time but it was a very significant opportunity which made me realize that websites are a potent way to reach a varied audience. This is so because it is relatively easy, definitely a fun activity, and most importantly, a cost-effective way to manage ads and offer products and services.


Why the name graydirt?Graydirt is an exact description of the website's color scheme. I like gray because the world is neither black nor white and it is the proverbial gray areas that in truth make up reality. Gray is, for me, neutral or in a middle-class society. In the same way that visitors from all walks of life are enticed to consider web design and web development a worthwhile business and activity. Dirt because I worked for over a years now as a simple web designer and front-end web developer primarily. I started at the lowest of the ranks, thus mostly doing the dirty work.

I'am not a prolific scorer, but I'am a good player.